Artículos Inmobiliarios / Real Estate Papers

A retrospective analysis of the house prices macro-relationship in the United States — Ahamada, Ibrahim & Diaz Sanchez, Jose Luis. (2013-07-01)

Cities as Spatial Clusters — Ferdinand Rauch (2013-05-31)

Convergence in US house prices — Montañés , Antonio & Olmos, Lorena. (2013)

Distant Event, Local Effects? Fukushima and the German Housing Market — Thomas K. Bauer, Sebastian Braun & Michael Kvasnicka. (2013-07)

Econometric Modeling and Estimation of Theoretically Consistent Housing Price Indexes — Alicia N. Rambaldi (CEPA - School of Economics, The University of Queensland) & D.S. Prasada Rao (CEPA - School of Economics, The University of Queensland). [2013-07]

Housing and Subjective Wellbeing in Urban China — Zhiming Cheng, Russell Smyth & Haining Wang. (2013-07)

Is Energy Efficiency Capitalized into Home Prices? Evidence from Three US Cities — Walls, Margaret (Resources for the Future) Palmer, Karen (Resources for the Future) Gerarden, Todd [2013-07-19]

Supply, Demand and Prices in the US Housing Market — Thomas Conefrey (Central Bank of Ireland)Karl Whelan (University College Dublin) [2013-07-24]

Urban goods movement (UGM) analysis as a tool for urban planning — Mathieu Gardrat, Jesus Gonzalez-Feliu & Jean-Louis Routhier . (2013)